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MEMORANDUM of the Campaign for a European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year

The European Industrial Heritage Organisations:

  • considering Resolution n°2, par. A-ii, of the 2nd European Conference of Ministers responsible for the Architectural Heritage (Granada, October 3-4, 1985), which seeks to enlarge the notion of Heritage to include, among others, Technical and Industrial Heritage
  • considering Resolution n°3, par A.a, of the 3rd European Conference of Ministers responsible for the Cultural Heritage (Malta, January 16-17, 1992), which asked that priority be given to deepening of the notion of 'Heritage', particularly by:
    • identifying those categories of Heritage which were insufficiently protected or even unprotected;
    • defining specific and appropriate strategies in this field, and;
    • encouraging a greater awareness of this Heritage amongst European societies (as described in par. C.b. of the same Resolution)
  • considering Resolution n°2, par II.b, of the 4th European Conference of Ministers responsible for the Cultural Heritage (Helsinki, May 30-31, 1996), explaining that strategies in favour of sustainable cultural tourism can increase public appreciation of many aspects of European culture, including its Technical and Industrial Heritage
  • considering the Recommendation N° R (90) 20 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe concerning the Protection and Conservation of the Technical, Industrial and Engineering Heritage in Europe (September 13, 1990) which puts forward, among others, the need to promote general awareness and appreciation of this Heritage through campaigns directed to the public at large and through tourism
  • considering the unique and undeniable contribution of Europe to the growth of modern Industrial and Technical Society
  • considering the importance of the European built and movable Technical and Industrial Heritage and also the numerous threats that endanger it
  • considering the impact of the European Architectural Heritage Year (1975) and such initiatives as the European Open Heritage Days to propagate awareness of Heritage Conservation

The European Industrial Heritage Organisations hereby request the Council of Europe, the European Union, the member states, and the International organisations active in the fields of studying, preserving and increasing public appreciation of Heritage:

  • to initiate a wide-spread campaign to promote increased awareness and appreciation amongst the public, public authorities and institutions, and non-governmental organisations, of the urgent need to save the Technical and Industrial Heritage of Europe, and to accord it the significance it deserves on the grounds of its Historical and Scientific importance, and through its Cultural significance in offering ways of understanding the social and economic development of our countries

The European Industrial Heritage organisations therefore propose:

  • that a campaign for a European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year should be launched.


If your organisation supports this memorandum, please copy it on your letterhead and send the approved copy, dated and duely undersigned by your representative(s) to our contact address


2015 - European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year


European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year
Année européenne du patrimoine industriel et technique
Jahr des Industriellen und Technischen Erbes
Anno del Patrimonio Industriale e Tecnico Europeo
Año Europeo del Patrimonio Industrial y Técnico

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