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Torpedo history and heritage


International conference
Torpedo history and heritage
Rijeka, Croatia

The Pro Torpedo Rijeka, Society for Protection of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage and Faculty of Engineering University of Rijeka are organizing 7th International Industrial Heritage Conference, in Rijeka, Croatia in occasion of 150th anniversary of invention of Luppis-Whitehead torpedo in Rijeka, the first “fish torpedo” in the world. The main topic of the Conference will be related to the history of invention of the torpedo, its technology and the impact of torpedoes in development of science and its use in navies thorough the world.

The conference aim is to stress the influence of torpedo in development and technologies of use of gyroscopes, servo systems, high pressure technology, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics and on systematic research and development (R&D) of torpedoes, and the history of torpedo testing and launching stations through world.

For more information please contact
Pro Torpedo Rijeka, Mr. Miljenko Smokvina,,
or web site
and Faculty of Engineering University of Rijeka, Prof. Bernard Frankovic,
or web site


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European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year
Année européenne du patrimoine industriel et technique
Jahr des Industriellen und Technischen Erbes
Anno del Patrimonio Industriale e Tecnico Europeo
Año Europeo del Patrimonio Industrial y Técnico

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