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Travelling to and in London...
London is of course a centrally situated capital city with very good flight, train an car connections and thus easily to reacht from everywhere in Europe.

When looking for general information on London, we recommend visiting the official London Tourist Board '' or alternatively the website 'London for Idiots'


By car

An interactive road map of London informs you of trafic incidents and road works, speed camera's, road corridors etc.
The London congestion charge (£10 daily) is a fee charged on most motor vehicles operating within the Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) in central London between 07:00 and 18:00 (Monday-Friday only). The charge, which was introduced on 17 February 2003.
Download here a map of the Congestion Charge Zone

By train

  • British Rail was privatised in 1994-1997. Ownership of the track and infrastructure passed to Railtrack, whilst passenger operations were franchised to individual private sector operators (originally there were 25 franchises) and the freight services sold outright. If you are looking for train connections and timetables in the UK see National Rail Network, a portal into UK rail travel including train company information and promotions, a journey planner, train times, fares, etc.
  • When travelling from the continent to London Eurostar often has special offers - a ticket from the continent to London including hotel accomodation. So check their website if you travel by train to London

London has five airports:

  • Gatwick  is the busiest single runway airport in the world, the second busiest airport in the UK (after Heathrow)
  • Heathrow is the largest and combines actually 5 separate airports
  • London City Airport, is situated approximately 9.5km (6 miles) east of Central London and just 4.8km from Canary Wharf
  • Luton is a medium-sized airport 64km (40 miles), north-east of London, is London's third international gateway
  • and Stanstead  is situated 51km (32 miles) north-west of London 
    General information on those, the flights from and to them, and the airport transfers is available on the webstie of LondonNet

Another airport, London Southend is located less than 40 miles east of Central London and less than 38 miles from Stratford.

 Cheap flights to London are available from

  • CityJet to London City Airport from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Avignon, Brest, Deauville (Normandy), Dublin, Eindhoven, Firenze, Luxemburg, Milan, Münster, Nantes, paris, Pau, Rotterdam, Toulon,...
  • EasyJet to London Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead and London Southend, from a lot of airports all over Europe
  • RyanAir to London Gatwick, Luton or Stanstead, from a large number of airports all over Europe
  • Wizzair to London Luton from a series of airports in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine
  • and many others

Or try the website

By boat ?

The Thames is London’s original and greatest highway. One can experience the river on either a River Tour or a River Bus service.
St. Katharine Docks is a vibrant Marina in the heart of historic London, next to Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. Or moor your boat at the Limehouse Basin Marina when the Regent's Canal meets the Thames.
On the website of the Canal and River Trust one can find all information on waterways and waterway heritage in London

Public transport in London
Public transport is very well organized in London.

In 1863 the world's first underground railway opened in London. The first stretch measured six kilometres (nearly four miles) and ran between Paddington (Bishop's Road) and Farringdon Street.
Today, London Underground is a major business with three million passenger journeys made every day, serving 275 stations and over 408 km of railway.
* See the history of London underground
* Download a map of the London underground transport

Here you find a searchable map of the London buses

Taxis in London

From iconic London black cabs to local minicabs, the website VisitLondon has all the information you need to help you travel around London by taxi

London by bicycle

Bicycling becomes more and more popular in London, with possibilities of hiring a bike and organised bike tours. The city has 15 signed cycle routes with detailed brochures available.
The LondonCyclist website also holds a lot of usefull cycling information.

2015 - European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year


European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year
Année européenne du patrimoine industriel et technique
Jahr des Industriellen und Technischen Erbes
Anno del Patrimonio Industriale e Tecnico Europeo
Año Europeo del Patrimonio Industrial y Técnico

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