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Electrifying the City


Spaces and Places for Electricity in Twentieth Century Britain

This one-day conference, organised jointly by the British Society for the History of Science and the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, aims to bring together scholars working across a range of disciplines to consider the spaces and places for electricity in 20th century Britain. Electrification was one of the most significant infrastructure developments of the modern era. It transformed the landscape and industry of 20th century Britain and, to an even greater extent, transformed the home and everyday life. A powerful emblem of modernity and urban civilization, electricity was a key element in recreating Britain as a 'warfare' as well as a 'welfare' state, to use David Edgerton's termsn - from a social, economic, cultural, technological or political perspective, or which seek to integrate these approaches. While the focus is on electricity in urban places the meeting will also address how the changing locations of electricity production impacted on the relationship between rural and urban spaces.
One intends that one outcome of this conference will be the establishment of an informal network of researchers with an interest in this field.

For information send e-mail to:
Sally Horrocks, or Stephen Murray,

2015 - European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year


European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year
Année européenne du patrimoine industriel et technique
Jahr des Industriellen und Technischen Erbes
Anno del Patrimonio Industriale e Tecnico Europeo
Año Europeo del Patrimonio Industrial y Técnico

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