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Call for Papers

Call for papers is now open until 13th of October 2014
- or till the maximum number of papers that will be accepted has been reached


Participants can present papers during two workshops. A first one dealing with this year's topic Industrial heritage: a holistic heritage in a global world, a second one during which associations can present their aims and activities.
Moreover there will be a special session on Friday on '2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year' and on Saturday on the development of E-FAITH and European co-operation between associations and volunteers, for which we look forward to papers that are sent to us in advance.

All papers and discussing documents have to be announced when registering for the weekend, using the registration form. The organizing committee decides upon the acceptance of these.

1)  The industrial heritage - a holistic heritage in a global world .
See the description of the theme of this year under the topics of the weekend
The maximum speaking time allowed for papers on this theme is 15 minutes. Prospective presenters are asked to submit a short abstract of their presentation (max. 15 lines) in the language of the reading before October 13th. After the meeting speakers are requested to deliver as soon as possible and not later than December 31st, a summary of their speech (max. 1500 words) in the language of the reading, AND max. 200 words in another language (to be published on the E-FAITH website).
The proposals will be reviewed before the presentation is accepted for the meeting.

2) Presentations of the aims and activities of associations
Participants can give a short presentation of the aims and activities of their
association. The maximum speaking time in this case is limited to 7 minutes. When registering prospective presenters have to add a short abstract (max. 10 lines) in the language of the reading.
There will be a maximum of 10 presentations accepted, first come first served.

One can also present the activities of his/her association via posters or via an information and/or sales desk. A limited number of tables and a limited surface for hanging posters will be available. Please mention on your registration form if you need a table or a hanging surface.
There will also a free space available to drop brochures and leaflets of your association, or of associations you are connected to - for which you don't have to register beforehand.


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European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year
Année européenne du patrimoine industriel et technique
Jahr des Industriellen und Technischen Erbes
Anno del Patrimonio Industriale e Tecnico Europeo
Año Europeo del Patrimonio Industrial y Técnico

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